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Museum of Cultural Art Center three had finished the "green wall"

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after eight months of continuous intense construction, the provincial capital and cultural arts center three key nodes museum project objectives --- another curtain closed on the 17th end, three venues have more complete external style to show in the world.

Cultural Arts Center three capital projects in the western town hall Cultural Arts Center important component of the Tenth China Art Festival important supporting venues, is the new China was founded sixty years to build the city's highest standards, the largest facility range of mass cultural facilities. Project will satisfy both borrow books, art exhibitions, cultural exchanges, training, cultural performances, performances and other arts groups held a number of cultural and recreational activities, perfect for city facilities, improve urban quality, prosperity, mass culture is important.

Three museum project from all architectural concepts Jinan Springs surging water, water is a symbol of urban culture of the source. Architectural form ups and downs, full of tension, the performance of the springs and cultural Smart surging trend. Outside the building exterior design creativity draw Jinan "Foshan shadow" of the wonders that will blend the landscape waterscape pixelated for the Building of the epidermis, forming a very unique facade texture. However, this also makes the whole building facades unique appearance, very irregular, brought great difficulties to the construction, the construction quality is also put forward higher requirements.

According to reports, the museum wall construction according to the indoor room functional needs, the choice of glass and stone walls combine styles. Libraries, art centers use double-wall curtain wall engineering design, the inner selection LOW-E insulating glass. This type of glass has a high permeability, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet, and other strengths, can greatly save on lighting and air conditioning during the operation of the energy consumption, to achieve energy saving, environmental protection purposes, complete the "green building" concept; outer optional aluminum composite panel curtain wall. Three Hall effect throughout the building curtain wall engineering is the key to accomplish this end, three library construction management units after the start of the program to determine from the curtain wall project demonstration and model making, whether it is found in the outer layer of aluminum veneer or honeycomb panels used were to achieve the desired effect, through more than a year of repeated research, developed a project for an aluminum composite panel of nodes, links, etc. to complete a standardized approach, and for the production and processing of aluminum composite panels, construction and installation of four patent applications technology to effectively shorten the construction period, the project investment control.

It is reported that the three walls of the museum closed for renovation works fine commenced building, facilities and equipment installation, integrated pipeline installation and other projects to create a good working condition, to ensure the completion in August completed a solid foundation.

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