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Business capital investment giant curtain was drawn

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A cutting-edge urban complex, not only need to have the strength of integration of resources, more attention needs to pre-empt future vision. Hongrui world is no exception, in 2013, South Lake Municipal District cutting-edge urban complexes - Hongrui World (pooled star Jin Jiang World Hotel, 5A Grade A office space, SOHO business and commercial district, residential in one) about all products completed. Hongrui world located in the top of Nanhu not be copied to the unique political, economic, cultural, commercial and other advantages, the integration of commercial work, the luxury shopping street, hotel-style SOHO apartment, mansion scene, super five-star hotels in the world top five function, in the South Lake Center provides plenty of channels, resources, opportunities, to achieve maximum benefits funded, circle communication optimization, collaboration and win-win globalization.

Southlake Center Hongrui world, one-stop platinum complex, one step to achieve work, business dinner, the center housing, entertainment, leisure, entertainment, shopping and other needs of a variety of life and work, to create cutting-edge social Urumqi Nanhu district Kingdom. Become the company's most valuable real estate investment manager darling! Hongrui World Tower, corporate headquarters decision to

Hongrui World Building, 5A Grade A office space, enjoying the natural poly Southlake Mall passenger hall, and Hai Hotel, City Development Plaza, Shui Qing Mu Hua, Vientiane, buildings and other landmarks built an outstanding group to share the business atmosphere. Pooling of resources and opportunities to work efficiently on high-end channels, is one of many company executives and CEO's wise choice.

All residential building in the world Hongrui LOW-E glass curtain wall finishes, lobby storey 9.8 meters, magnificent noble, and enhance the brand image of the company and its force; equipped with 11 imported brands Elevator fast direct, high-speed operation company wealth; loading BAS building automation systems, LED integrated information release system, electronic conferencing system all smart business experience, set up a smart card and electronic security video intercom system, business intelligence work, improve efficiency of the company, where the world can drive business intelligence. Hong Ruijing like mansion, a private palace celebrities

President's private palace, from Hongrui Hao Ting constantly demanding every detail, every meticulous elegance and emotion, are the perfect interpretation of the classics. Hongrui Hao Ting, use an all-out apartment interior design, configuration, triple smart security doors, two bidirectional open three chambers airtight glass windows. Each floor residential buildings dedicated service hall. Residential construction optional external hanging stone, aluminum veneer consistent finishes loading brand elevators, hardcover home lobby, this home enjoy private work, entertainment, leisure, shopping stop center life!

Hydrophilic - Project Design 2194 square meters of living water within the artificial lake - Lake Vänern, the park entrance is designed with cascading waterfalls; landscape with undulating terrain to form multi-downs of precious water. Lakeside living experience of the district also set up a children's playground area / recreation cultivation zone / aerobic zone / viewing bridges, etc., scenery mildly, physical and mental comfort.

Seiko - European personality of landscaped sculpture stone selected materials, even from thousands of miles away carefully selected Taishan stone, Taihu do dotting purposes. Vegetation around the world for the selection of a variety of rare plants, flower beds, or water, Gallery pavilion, low walls, tile and so reveals the ultimate quality.

Ceremonial - plot features a triumphal avenue, on the left bank road through central lake, on both sides of more than seven years of vegetation were selected product tree crown into tree home "ceremony," the fountain of ups and downs, cold fresh face, open the door see the water see Choi outstanding moral and 27 species of trees and 200 species of ornamental flowers, 27 group scene sketches woven urban centers secret "paradise." Hongrui SOHO business apartments, growth companies arena

Five-star hotel and the city center stop urban complex growth companies and investment to bring people, not only the value of the apartment itself, endless business people and vehicles, as well as money into a hot spot, behind the business value more a long-term, mutually beneficial companies and collaboration between companies, business communicative value in the eyes, easy to integrate the use, small and medium companies to pursue more collaborative opportunities limitless.

Hongrui SOHO business use hanging stone and aluminum veneer finishes, so 50 years to build timeless; whole frame structure is easy to split and free combination units; SOHO Business identical with BAS building automation system, LED integrated information release system, electronic All smart business meeting system experience, above and below ground are set to 1:2 sufficient parking spaces; 65-300 m reasonable space division, so space is more flexible.

Funded Hongrui SOHO, make a reasonable use of funds, financed been apparent from the significant future value, small and medium companies and investment wise people who have the initiative palm victory. Hongrui Commercial Street, Live Flesh Shopping Plaza

Hongrui Commercial Street Commercial Street theme luxury brand, share the world Jinjiang Hotel Urumqi customers worldwide resources associated with the introduction of high-end business consumer brand, a dedicated ground parking spaces, cafes, walking trails, meet senior business meetings, leisure demand throughout the world Hongrui stop urban complex, enjoy excellent five-star hotel, 5A office, SOHO Business, Hongrui world's finest customer base, the appreciation potential.

Urumqi Jinjiang World Hotel, city leaders, elite social kingdom

Hongrui world into the world Jinjiang Hotel, Urumqi Jinjiang Presents World Hotel World project to share the world with HONGRUI hotel resources, 1, JJ has a Chinese hotel industry first brand advantages, its brand will bring weak customer Hongrui world benefits. 2, Jin Jiang World Center hotel reservation system registered strong (JERZ), Hongrui world can share the global customers with resources. 3, with the same brand and customer base Jinjiang supplier (long-term collaborative travel agency) resources, consistent with both domestic and foreign large-scale tourism fairs and other promotional activities. 4, JJ food technology resources, especially Chinese food technology, enjoys a high reputation in the country. Jin Jiang Guobin with decades upscale hospitality based, strength-based image in the Chinese hotel industry, high-end banquets, business entertainment is JJ World Hotel strengths. Jin Jiang World Hotel will enhance all levels of the services Hongrui world.

Urumqi Jinjiang World Hotel, the British brown stone and LOW-E glass curtain wall finishes, building magnificent upright. Double garage with more than 1,700 underground parking spaces, 11 meters high lobby, equipped with 19 imported high-speed elevators, full automation of hotel management system with communication, supporting the cigar bar, can accommodate 800 people at a time in the world ballroom, world conference hall, full-time specialty restaurant, SPA, fitness center and lounges, with Northwest's first five-star indoor heated lap pool, business and leisure, entertainment, meetings, communication and other business functions readily available here.

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