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Linfen Road construction waste free fall yesterday morning "obstruction" urban ordered rectification

Time:[2013-6-15]  Hits:2533

Yesterday 7:30 or so, who lives in Zhabei District, Linfen road Lui go and found a narrow road, impressively stacked aluminum veneer construction waste, leading to a driveway is fully occupied. The Zhabei District Urban seven teams to verify, confirm that the construction of illegal waste dumping system by a merchant, immediately ordered its rectification.

Mr. Lu told reporters that morning he went out to send their children to school, just go Linfen road, we found the road construction of waste piled up, basically crushing stone and bricks. "Like the hill like stacked in Linfen Road 818, 'Sea Ice Palace entertainment centers' side, the road to the north of Linfen motor vehicle lanes are blocked, listening to nearby residents said in this casino interior decoration, construction waste may was thrown from the inside out. "Mr. Lu said, the day before yesterday around 0:20 to go home, did not see the road with construction waste. Because the road is only two-way traffic lane, morning rush hour traffic was blocked.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene, Mr. Lu said aluminum veneer construction waste has been finishing, but still left some stains on the road. In the "Sea Ice Palace Entertainment Center" door, a workers are some of the broken bricks shovel together to form a 10 square meters of waste heaps, at the moment, as well as waste from recreational vehicles will be shipped out of town. "In the morning we pour waste not." The worker told reporters, ice palace has many improvements, in which they work and more than one. Residents told reporters the morning 6:40, the construction team discovered boorish construction waste piled in the street, the Zhabei chased seven teams and police soon arrived on the scene, immediately stepped forward to stop it, and ordered them to rectification, and waste. After the construction team Contact vehicles have been around 8:00 waste sorting clean. [Multi sound]

For a mere rectification disposal, nearby residents that is not enough. "It should be punishment for such behavior, punishment was hurt, it will not do this kind of thing." Residents said. Urban areas indicate that the current in the field that the landlord has not contacted, then it will be appropriate sanctions.

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