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Guangzhou two Republican building was demolished late

Time:[2013-6-15]  Hits:3048

June 10 night, located in Guangzhou City of the Republic of poetry road construction aluminum veneer Jinling station on the 2nd, the 4th and the wonderful high platform on the 1st, the 3rd some residues, as well as poetry and literature still preserved No. 69, No. 69 One was quietly demolished. These were built in the last year, the department of land under too "slow demolition order", the developers have promised demolition has expired, and its pre-history behind cultural value but also by experts, civil appeals maintenance, but could not escape the fate of.

Today, 16:00, Guangzhou Land Resources and Housing Authority told this reporter that the council according to Guangzhou Planning Bureau May 18, 2012 "on the suspension of the removal of poetry Road, Yuexiu District, the construction of two letter", was May 25 notice Jadepress suspend removal company, August 20 right Jadepress extension procedures for refund demolition company handling the case and recommended that the company plans to the City Council requesting a clear plan red line, and then request the demolition postponed.

The company has not obtained for the demolition of the case agreed to postpone the removal of the housing act, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Authority, said the ongoing investigation and evidence gathering, together with the Municipal Planning Bureau will strengthen, the new SMG Bureau and other relevant departments of communication , according to the law dealt with expeditiously.

According to local residents that the demolition last night from the 10th to the next morning, were all related to the construction demolished. It is reported that in 1994 Jinling Taiwan land expropriation, began to develop in 1996, 1998 harvest unfinished projects. In 2007, Guangzhou Jadepress Real Estate Co., Ltd. auction to get the land, carry out the demolition work began, but the relocation compensation to settle the problem stalemate so far.

It is understood that last year, Guangzhou City Planning Bureau has organized experts to build mapping and assessment, the expert on poetry and the construction of road 69, 69, one of style and value affirmed. Guangzhou City housing authority subsequently issued a stay of the removal order, "halt" removal work. Government has also talked to two treatment options with developers, one recovered land; Second, do not dismantle the construction of pre-history, development and construction of the maintenance work into the project.

According to the "Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Housing Chaizi [2009] No. 20" provides Jadepress Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou demolition period from 4 September 2009 to 3 September 2011 only.

Later, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry plans for demolitions behavior indicates that "strongly condemns" the Republic of China was demolished to build "saddened" and indicate "Next, we will deal with the views of the relevant programs."

Reporters learned that, at present at least a dozen cases in Guangzhou, this "pre-history legacy," the construction of land cases. For sources, the current deal specifically with these "legacy of pre-history" of the program has not been introduced.

Always attached importance to the history of culture before construction aluminum veneer Guangzhou local history and cultural sites before the "Ancient Cantonese Xiuse" founder Yang Huahui that to all government funded the construction of these plots where to buy down the maintenance unrealistic, but "the government should have a mechanisms to guide developers, activated using the old construction, maintenance in one direction, the government may wish to this effort. "

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