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Property & Construction wheel drive continued rapid growth

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Then know that the company's continued rapid growth in housing construction leading real estate company has a two-tier design / construction / real estate development and integration of the intact chain. Nearly half of the real estate business contribution margins and operating profit: to the sea, in the construction, Hongyang three business platform, a second-tier to tier cities, high low-end comprehensive market layout, use sufficient land reserves and cost advantages, to achieve fast growing business. Overseas Property to mature control, Hong Kong stocks listed on the cost of capital advantage, excellent planning skills, profitability is the strongest in the industry. Aluminum veneer construction sector is certainly the leading market share steadily increased: the company among the world's No. 1 construction company, over 300 meters above the iconic company to undertake more than 90%, the central city to undertake accounting for over 50% of the terminal. Housing construction business in the construction industry market share showed a steady upward trend year by year, and the "big market, big projects, big landlords" strategy effective cost reduction and efficiency. Results of many years of sustained and rapid growth :07-12 compound annual revenue growth rate of 27.7%, ranking first in building central enterprises; 07-12 compound annual growth rate of 26.3% in operating profit, in the forefront.

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