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Global 13 incredible glass building

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The shape is different and dazzling glass depicting plus, combined with modern technology built building exterior beautiful, the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic tastes, becoming the city's most suck the eye of the highlights! Today Tech Graffiti website for our inventory of the world's most incredible 13 glass construction, let us look at the figure they Shining love it!


England Gateshead Building reflects the soft wavy.

UK Gateshead Building

Glass in building layout reflects the sunlight shining bright, glass mirror in the reflection of the sharp geometric shape, or a gentle wavy. Both beautiful and practical functionality, this Gateshead Building undoubtedly become the most eye-catching one aluminum veneer construction. Glass mirror depicting the past few more gray in the city, box-shaped layout of the construction material of tone, the use of dazzling light elements allow the surface to become the city's beautiful landscape.

Vienna look like this to build a huge network, embrace the blue sky and white clouds.

Vienna, Austria, to build

As early as two thousand years ago, the glass will be used as a construction material, but it was just to make the light shines into the house, and used as a small window. To the Middle Ages, the glass began to play its decorative effect, while both practical features. Colored glass is used to decorate churches with large windows, bright colors make believers of the "Bible" story full of reverie.

London This built many reflective surfaces.

London reflective surface construction

Until the 19th century, the glass is only used to make the windshield. However, the 18th century, people began large-scale production of glass and leading construction materials for new construction built to create the conditions. Nowadays, transparent material is used in the construction of the greenhouse
New York City, the geometry of the construction

With advances in technology, all-glass exterior layout skyscrapers let urban image a new look. In recent years, the worldwide glass layout built in large numbers, shape rather stand opposite sex. Imagine, if there is an endless stream of visitors from the Middle Ages and space, when he saw a lot of glass structure in the world today, when the construction of the magnificent, will feel very shocked, as if in a fairy tale world travel. Even contemporary people see these glass construction, will greatly marvel.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum, modern atmosphere overflowing glass ceiling, really beautiful. Just transparent roof needs regular cleaning to keep the construction of aluminum veneer beautiful clean. In its kestrels glass hall is mounted on a movable visor Burke, opening and closing twice a day, to ensure adequate lighting inside the museum.

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