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Huizhou ancient architecture protection awkward: the shortage of funds maintain pressure

Time:[2013-6-12]  Hits:2771

Speaking of ancient construction, almost two months ago, movie star Jackie Chan intends to his collection of four Huizhou old one "relocated" to Singapore news triggered a heated debate, but also come out about the existence of Huizhou ancient awkward construction, maintenance issue.

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan donated Huizhou ancient doors on construction abroad continue "fermentation", the lead society built on ancient Huizhou loss phenomenon unprecedented attention.

Huangshan City, the cultural relics department, according to the relevant person in charge, the loss of Huizhou ancient phenomenon just one of the problems facing the construction, maintenance. In addition to man-made factors, many natural and social factors are the maintenance and construction of Huizhou ancient heritage be handicapped.

First, the interest-driven maintenance difficult. Followed by the rapid urbanization and industrialization, driven Wannan some local real estate development projects are also presented to the countryside the situation, but also because many of the villagers can not afford to repair the old house, not live, secretly demolished old house to build new houses, leading to some ancient villages or ancient dwellings largely disappear. Together, Huizhou ancient civilization built a unique taste and commercial value, attracting a large number of construction suppliers, competing to acquire privately private collectors, and even desperate criminals steal trafficking.

Second, natural erosion guardian difficult. Currently, Wannan area mostly preserved ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties built aluminum veneer, because of the age, wind and rain erosion, the house leaks, moldy rotten wood components such phenomenon is very common, especially termite pressure and difficult. Together, on the one hand a large number of rural young migrant workers followed, the old house to live fewer and fewer people, the old house to take care of the lack of the usual maintenance, resulting in dilapidated damaged.

Three is a shortage of funds difficult to maintain. As the birthplace of construction Anhui, Huangshan City in Anhui current types of construction dotted, there is an average of less than two square kilometers of ancient houses. Huangshan City, the cultural relics department, responsible person, Anhui style maintenance concept is well received by everyone as well as their structural characteristics, the natural environment and other macro factors impact, but also by the funds, skills, talent and other specific element constraints, which maintains a shortage of funds is particularly prominent. Some experts have been measured, Huangshan City to complete maintenance of all ancient houses, at least a year to come up with five six billion yuan of funds, the equivalent of the current fiscal year, the city's more than 70% of revenue.

In fact, all these years for the construction of Huizhou Ancient aluminum veneer maintenance never stopped. 2009 onwards, Huangshan City, the implementation of "one hundred one thousand villages" project maintenance and use of ancient dwellings, end of the year a total investment of 6 billion yuan for 101 ancient villages and 1,065 ancient houses for maintenance use.

Now, maintaining the intensity is greater than ever. In May this year, Huangshan City has issued a historical listing of construction management and maintenance of ancient dwellings incentives such violations to report Interim Provisions, maintenance and management of the implementation of listing in batches, is indeed difficult to apply for government grants.

Huangshan City has also established special funds ancient dwellings violations to report, based on the value of ancient houses, quantity and value of such idea, to reward informers, the highest reward 20,000 yuan. Bit and inject themselves into the lake, dumping all kinds of waste and garbage, etc.

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