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Fuzhou developers started "face" Battle

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Property skinned facade not only real estate, but also the quality of living relationships.

Tiled façade fall wounding repeated episodes of working in Fuzhou, paint discoloration after wind and sun has affected the city of Fuzhou Yung Maung, aluminum veneer hanging stone because the cost is too high as long as the selection of high-end real estate dare, glass walls and may cause light pollution Fuzhou developers how to do ...... "decent"?

Reporters Survey:

More than ten years old: and damaged wall tiles falling into chronic illness

June 3, the reporter along Pingtung Road, Ye Road, Hua Ping Road, Green Road and other road all the way to see the city found that the exterior architectural tiles are posted everywhere, most of these buildings about 6 to 8 storeys.

According to the reporter, the seniority of these buildings are generally more than 10 years, and some residential houses, and even more than 20 years. Even from the outside, there are some small pieces of tiles have been missing, missing at the neighboring tiles, there are signs of the rise and loose.

According to the construction industry analysis, the city wall tiles fall and breakage is

A chronic illness, building houses more than ten years of age, wall tiles falling ubiquitous security risks. Over the years more than the old district of Fuzhou region, has also been more than seizures wall tiles fall, wounding injury car accident. According to the newspaper on May 25 reported that under vine in Fuzhou Cangshan Road, Building 10, Longin garden, wall tiles suddenly fall from the sky so that nearby residents almost caught. Indeed, in this area has been repeated episodes of falling tile work.

Although Fuzhou these years are constantly on the city street appearance remediation, the only improvement in the appearance of the Drum Tower District, transform and elevate the appearance of the facade of the building body there are 131, but the building facade tiles falling population situation is repeated air strikes the paper side. It depicts a project manager Mr. Wei said, "The reason a lot of wall tiles falling, a fall is a natural element of severe changes in temperature coupled with prolonged sun and wind, easy to aging resulting tile cracks, water immersion, the passage of time, tile easy to fall rifting addition, during construction, concrete mix disproportionate and improper construction workers, but also resulted in falling tile simple reason. "

About ten years old: Paint falling loss of capacity

In Fuzhou Jinshan and four North region, there are many residential areas built around 2002, and their use was more prevalent and more facade paint, but after nearly a decade of trials and tribulations, the reporter observed, many real estate facade also now black dark.

This reporter has learned about real estate for 2002, choosing paint for

Data for the facades are very common. Paint facades of information relative to other advantage is that for the first time put the cost is low. This body is now coating construction technique is simple, short construction period, paint itself costs compared to other low outer wall. However, the problems do not durable coatings were criticized by many homeowners. Some owners told reporters that some real estate facade paint just check in bright and beautiful, but it does not take a year, will be yellow black, or even the appearance of epidermal fall. For this representation, the owners will complain, "This mottled appearance, looked old estate in particular, that there is no sense of quality."

Just need a new disk: high-end paint stone plus the new disc: Full hanging stone

Property facade on shopping mall at Fuzhou timber mainstream trend is chosen stone and other materials associated with the facades form. 1 to 3 in the project base layer or between layers 1 to 6 optional hanging stone, while the upper position and in accordance with the needs of different projects, the choice of coatings, glass curtain wall, aluminum and other metal items. Just need to choose the project eighty percent plus coatings in the form of stone, while the high-end projects more choice of stone and glass curtain wall, metal aluminum, as long as the high cost of a handful of high-end flagship project will use throughout the collective whole hanging stone facade.

This reporter has learned, at the time of real estate facade timber, the full cost of hanging stone is the highest. It will be facing stone metal pendant hanging directly on the wall or hung on a steel frame on empty, do not need to grout paste. It is understood that this technology can make real estate facades timeless. But its drawback is cost is too high, the cost per square meter of wall tiles or paint is generally several times. This makes the limitations of larger, generally only use high-end real estate in some of the facade. According to Geng Group related responsible person said, the project selection all hanging stone, in addition to the office part of the British brown marble podium hanging stone, and the rest fully for gold hemp, the cost of a single facade higher costs on several malls price times.


Developers how Paul Decent? The use of new paint, new tile, new technologies

It depicts a project manager, Mr. Wei introduced before 1998, taking into account the construction cost control and technical limitations, the main facade coating is available. Paint cost does not include construction costs per square meter in the tens of dollars to 100 dollars. Now, however, some real estate chooses relatively upscale paint, such as "lacquer", a distance similar to the general feeling of the stone, the mass ratio of the original coating greatly improved, the price is more expensive.

In 1998-2002, the tile because of affordable, and easy to clean, and gradually occupy the mall. From the earliest mosaics, to today's variety of tiles, the difference is relatively large, a good tile like "clay brick" kind consideration and even higher than the general stone.

By 2002, the massive expansion followed by the real estate professional, profit improvement, technological advances, more and more high-end projects to seek preliminary selection of stone, glass and metal curtain wall aluminum as a facade. It is understood that the stone facades of information is one of the best, but it is necessary hanging technology is the choice, the choice is simple bad disposition wet paste technique not appear flatness problem. General Stone excluding construction costs per square meter costs between $ 300 to 500, high-grade stone costly.

The glass walls of stone initial contact gradually out today's housing market, the future is also a trend, but the price is also cheap cost. As for the metal aluminum, stone cost generally not so expensive, but also the future of high-end trends. Appropriate consideration and stone, but the aluminum outer coat needed costly protective lacquer, and thus cost is higher.

So at that time, developers how to ensure decent? Zhengrong Fuzhou Real Estate Sales Manager Zhang told reporters fitness, facade insulation materials, water repellent breathable, flexibility, weatherability and resistance to freezing and thawing, as well as weight, fire resistance, stain resistance, appearance, and other elements of expression should be included in the summarized account. Another cost, safety, maintenance, aesthetics, environmental protection and other elements one less.

Therefore, there are more and more new paint, new tiles and hanging stone, glass curtain wall, aluminum and other metal facade construction data is used, and "Stone + Curtain" "+ aluminum curtain wall", "Stone + aluminum "and other forms of modular malls have gradually been recognized by developers to improve both reached the stylish facade aesthetics purposes, but also to a certain extent, be able to save costs, safety and environmental protection, in addition to the post-maintenance is also more convenient.

Fuzhou estate facade masterpiece

Followed by the rapid advance of Fuzhou city expanded, facade image of the city as well as the impact on the real estate value is very significant.

Property facade as a symbol of the difference in other real estate, as a personality style, as a selling point, more and more developers attention, while buyers also come from the estate of the facade of the overall real estate experience and Measurement quality. At the same time, the city also due to changes in real estate facade changes the visual interpretation of the colorful city changes and reflect the changing times.

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