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Architectural decoration and finishing stocks pulled

Time:[2013-6-1]  Hits:2575

Friday, construction decoration class (aluminum veneer) stock market fell in varying degrees, the entire plate an average decrease of 1.49%. This is rare since early May of this plate finishing strong. Nearly a month since this sector makes a strong image embodies profound. The logic behind its rising more funders are concerned. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of bear analyst said: construction decoration class real estate sales rebound in the stock market is to use the power of the offensive launched rise, and its future trend is still mainly depending on the real estate profession as a whole may be embodied in this area funders to stock market property together stare.

According to the reporter to statistics, since early May embodies the most prominent stock market, stocks, though not leading construction decoration, but it is also appropriate active plate. Asian shares, Hirota shares Jangho, Tao shares, Gold Mantis is the sector most representative five stock market, highly similar trend since May, seems to be the main funding coordinated operation.

This five institutions are holding stocks, mutual fund shares held percentage of total outstanding shares, Asian shares was 35.63%, to 15.26% Jangho, Hirota shares was 25.94%, 12.66% for the Gold Mantis, Tao shares of 27.2 %. Tao shares a high degree of ownership concentration, the average shareholders 43,750 shares, which rarely appropriate in the A shares.

CSC real estate professional analyst ZHENG that, by the impact of the new national five principles, the National rigid demand for housing in former times few months focused on the release, 1 through April real estate sales up by 38% YoY in April month 40.17%, higher than in March increased 13.5 percent month; April 70 cities with 67 new homes prices rose, the price rose 68 cities. Therefore, the real estate profession ushered decoration huge market demand, the stock market is expected to continue.

Societe Generale Securities analyst Wang Ting construction decoration on a long career of research time. April 13 this year, he published the 2013 strategy report, believes that the decline in the economy last year decoration occupational reasons that are consistent with the expected contribution funded growth picked up now, large probability lower than expected, the market share growth for decoration certainty of doubt; "new country five" and "halt governmental office buildings and hotels," the black swan haze suppress decoration valuations.

But the full year, the value of shares to be renovated will not change much. New orders growth along the chain as well as a quarterly publication of improvement, renovation shares "growth values" will once again highlight the decoration stocks throughout the year there are still excess returns. Decoration companies listed on new contracts if the cumulative growth rate of over 30%, will become the turning point of valuation. Recommendations concern the funding opportunities for growth stocks.

In an interview yesterday, bear, Wang Ting said the renovation sector finished 2012 Annual Report is now available. 2012 fourth quarter, completed a total renovation of listed companies revenue 34.48 billion yuan, an increase of 31.15%, compared with the year 2011 decreased 16.16%; fourth quarter completed a total profit of 2.916 billion yuan, an increase of 39.10%, compared with 2011 full-year decline 17.84 %; completed 2.402 billion yuan net profit attributable to parent company, an increase of 44.10%, compared with last year dropped 18.95 percent over the same period. It can be said to bring bad real estate property policy sales decline reflected the beginning. But also conducive to good aspects. "Beautiful China" strategy landing in 2013, followed by the location and the introduction of local matching approach, building renovation career potential demand is quickly fired. Occupational boom highs garden project at the bottom plate and the valuation of the renovation of plates worthy of attention.

Orient Securities analyst Xu Wei exposed interview that the increased demand in the market, vocational Heavy rain the scenery, the construction of professional stock market rose decoration trend is expected to continue. Can focus on those acquisitions, restructuring the construction of theme decoration stock market, some of which are beyond the profession's share price reflected. This plate movements ultimately depends on real estate sales on the circumstances, the stock market to fry these trends also concerned about the property market.

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