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Ha substation, gas station building exterior design templates freshly baked

Time:[2013-5-29]  Hits:2717

Aluminum veneer facade gray atmosphere, coupled with stylish full window cover, door pockets, and then deploy simple and smooth lines, the construction of this Western style, at first glance, thought it was Villa Which it! Actually, it Xiamen City, the future looks like new substation. Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Planning Bureau, regarding the substation, gas stations, small construction design template has been officially released for the future Xiamen new substation, gas stations, construction of exterior reference.

It is understood that a total of eight kinds of design templates substation plan, gas stations, a total of nine planned design templates. Substation plan reflects both Taiwanese flavor, there are also simple and transparent modern, patches can be suitable for different needs. The station design template is subversion "few columns, a roof," the traditional image of some plans very design sense, brightens up.

City Planning Bureau, said the design template is based on the gas station, substation construction designs these small long been too accommodating functional needs, poor quality of its design, the plan approval is often more difficult to pass. For the relevant construction units, the reference design using the design template as the biggest advantage is that, in approving construction projects do not have to re-submit the case at the trial will examine the construction plan designed appearance, you can deal directly with the template design and planning of administrative licensing procedures.

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