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Release time:[2018-6-6] visits:1010·What are the usual specifications for
As a new kind of building decoration material, aluminum plastic board has been enjoyed by many industries. It has its own figure in commercial decoration, office decoration and even family building decoration. It is widely used in our life and society. There are many styles and s...[view details]
Release time:[2018-5-26] visits:1091·What are the methods for seamless spl
As one of the popular building materials in the decorative building materials industry, aluminum plastic panel has attracted more and more attention and use with the improvement of people's living standard. Today, Dongguan aluminum plastic panel is going to tell you about the sea...[view details]
Release time:[2018-4-25] visits:1136·How to construct the dry - hanging al
Aluminum plastic plate is a new kind of decorative material. It has very good fireproof performance, and it is especially convenient for processing. It has many applications in many walls, ceilings and ceiling. Dry hanging of aluminum plastic panels is a very good way of decorati...[view details]
Release time:[2018-4-14] visits:1157·Precautions for installation of domes
Dongguan aluminum plastic plate color diversity, convenient construction, good fire protection and other advantages of people's favor, whether it is commercial building or interior decoration, aluminum plastic board is very good. There are many things to pay attention to when ins...[view details]
Release time:[2018-1-31] visits:1417·What are the specifications of Donggu
New wall decoration materials, Dongguan aluminum plate as popular in recent years of low cost, good decorative effect, with beautiful, durable, light weight, high strength, strong heat, fire resistance and good acid resistance, good sound insulation, easy maintenance, easy cleani...[view details]
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